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To help you get used to COMKAT in a smooth and comfortable way, we here provide a document that step by step guide you through the essential steps for setting up and using COMKAT.

This includes the following steps:

  1. Before you download COMKAT
  2. Download COMKAT
  3. Set up COMKAT
  4. Validate COMKAT
  5. Introduction to COMKAT GUI
  6. Before you use COMKAT GUI
  7. Download the testing data set
  8. Open COMKAT GUI
  9. Load input function
  10. Load compartment model
  11. Simulate model output
  12. Load images
  13. Adjust image
  14. Draw ROI
  15. Parameter estimation
  16. Generate parameter estimation report
  17. Exit COMKAT

If you are a first-time user, please be patient and browse through this document.

Before you download COMKAT

Download COMKAT


Validate COMKAT

Introduction to COMKAT GUI

Before you use COMKAT GUI

Download the testing data set


Load input function

Load compartment model

Simulate model output

Load images

Adjust image

Draw ROI

Parameter estimation

Generate parameter estimation report