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Getting started with COMKAT

Please refer to Getting started with COMKAT for setting up COMKAT.

Step by step COMKAT GUI tutorial

Please read: Support:Step-by-step COMKAT GUI Example


User manual

User manual for COMKAT software -> Support:Documents:User manual


Examples on how to use COMKAT for solving models and parameter estimations -> Support:Documents:COMKAT Examples


General tutorials regarding modeling ->Support:Documents:Tutorials

Bug report

To report any bug of COMKAT to the developers, provide or search for solutions, go to Support:Bugs and solutions


To ask or answer questions about COMKAT, go to Support:FAQ

Request new functions

Do you need new functions to COMKAT? Let us know -> Support:Suggest

Technical notes

Notes we made regarding Matlab, compilers and misc stuff that is used to develop COMKAT. Support:Tech notes