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User access to create pages

You will have to contact us and get a sysop access to be allowed to create pages on this wiki. (The main reason we do not automatically grant sysop access to everyone is we want to avoid being targets for inappropriate material.)

Create a tutorial page

First, determine a page name for your tutorial, such as "Instructions for Adding Your Own Tutorial". The complete page name would be "Support:Documents:Tutorials:Instructions for Adding Your Own Tutorial" in this case. Copy and paste the complete page name into the search box next to the "Go to" button. Click "Go to". You will be guided to a new page with no content in it. In the editing box of this page, write your example.

Edit the tutorial page


Write some introduction to your tutorial.


You can put code in a different format by putting the text between <pre> and </pre> tags to make it look like this:

For text that you want to appear as part of a MATLAB function or program, encase it inside a "pre" block.
Line 2 of pre block
    Line 3 (indented) of pre block.

Edit the current page to see how this is done.


Remember to include figures and plots in your tutorial to make it look pretty and convey information. To insert a figure, create a figure file in png (preferred) or other graphic format.

title('Example Figure')
ylabel('y-axis label')
xlabel('x-axis label')
set(1,'PaperPosition',[0.25 2.5 3 2])
print -dpng ExampleFigure.png

Next, upload the image file ("upload file" at the bottom of any wiki page) giving it a unique name.

Use double-square brackets to insert the figure into the page


Edit the tutorial index page to include your tutorial in the list

Add your new tutorial to the list of tutorials on the Tutorial index page by adding a line like this to the index page:

[ The title of your tutorial]

Within the brackets, the first part is the URL address to your tutorial page. Then you type your tutorial title following that address. On the index page it will look like:

The title of your tutorial

That is it. It is so simple that even a caveman (or professor) can do it.