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Import from MATLAB

In COMKAT R4.0a, you can import a matrix or an IVD object from the MATLAB Workspace.

1.Load data to Workspace:

Import matrix&IVD 2.png

Export to Workspace 4.png

2.Run comkatimagetool as follows, you will see the image:



  • The inputted matrix, Mat1, can be a 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional, or 5-dimensional matrix.

3.Also, you can import image & fusion image simultaneously:


4.You can assign your data to image or fusion image directly:

comkatimagetool(ivd2,1)                     %Image

comkatimagetool(ivd2,2)                     %Fusion Image     

5.Display your image in the latest ComkatImagetool window, instead of creating a new one:

comkatimagetool(ivd2,1,'reuse')                     %Assign ivd1 to Image

comkatimagetool(ivd2,2,'reuse')                     %Assign ivd2 to Fusion Image