MATLAB Compiler Runtime

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This page describes MATLAB Compiler Runtime (denoted as MCR), which is necessary for COMKAT Standalone Application.
For COMKAT on MATLAB, MCR is not needed.

What is MCR?

It is basically a headless MATLAB. Or you may treat it as a 'MATLAB virtual machine'. how to make crepesIt serves as a MATLAB session that works in background. But unlike regular MATLAB session, you cannot write functions or scripts to call MCR directly. MCR only interacts with a compiled application via MATLAB Compiler.

How can I obtain MATLAB Compiler Runtime?

Due to terms of usage in MATLAB, we are not allowed to let our users download MCR. If you need to run COMKAT Standalone Application and cannot get MCR, please email us to request it from us.

Do I have to install MATLAB Compiler Runtime if I already have MATLAB installed?

Unless your MATLAB is older than 2008a and you only want to use COMKAT Standalone Application, you 'do not' need to install MCR.