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Muzic Lab

Raymond F. Muzic, Jr., PhD

Muzic3.jpg Raymond Muzic is current an associate professor in Radiology of Case Western Reserve University. His dog's name is Buffy. Learn more: [1]


Case Center for Imaging Research [2]

Lead Developer and Website Administrator

  • Kuan-Hao (Dylan) Su, PhD. [3]


  • Evan Morris, PhD. [4]
  • Bradley Christian, PhD. [5]
  • Marty Pagel, PhD. [6]
  • Yu-Hua Dean Fang, PhD. [7]

Alumni from the Muzic Lab

  • Jeffrey A. Kolthammer, PhD (now working at the Toshiba Medical Research)
  • Hsuan-Ming Huang, PhD (bucks is now working at Chang Gung University)
  • Cristian Salinas [8] (now working at GSK in London)
  • Chandra Spring Robinson [9] (now working at Southwest University in Dallas)
  • Pravesh Asthana [10] (now in Maine)

Interns and Trainees

  • Jung-Wen (Gloria) Kuo, MSc.
  • Ting-Yu (Jack) Su, major in Biomedical Engineering in Cheng-Kung University,Taiwan
  • Hsin (Tommy) Huang, major in Biomedical Engineering in Cheng-Kung University,Taiwan