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FAQ for using COMKAT


Being involved

Can I participate in developing COMKAT, too?

YES!! The more the merrier.

What can I do to support COMKAT?

We look forward to your feedback and support for COMKAT. Here are a few thing you can do to show your support:

  • Provide reports to bugs.
  • Provide your ideas or request for functions.
  • Provide your functions to be integrated to COMKAT.
  • Write functions to load specific image formats.
  • Promote COMKAT in labs, classes or offices.

How can I be involved in the COMKAT development?

You may contact us for more information or get access to our CVS server. Please refer to COMKAT_wiki:About for contact information.


What OS is required for COMKAT?

Please refer to Document:COMKAT_install#System requirements

What Matlab version is required for COMKAT?

Please refer to Document:COMKAT_install#System requirements

What kind of image format is supported?

Please refer to Document:_COMKAT_GUI#Output Function

What file formats are supported to import data in COMKAT?

For implementing a compartment model using COMKAT command line functions, normal requirement for numeric data applies to COMKAT. Although COMKAT is originally designed for nuclear medicine images, it does not necessarily require data to be in radioactivity units. However, in the COMKAT GUI, data are regarded as in units of micro Curie if microPET images provide the model output experimental data. Please refer to Document:_COMKAT_GUI#Output Function for these requirements.

I have images that are not in radio-activity units. Can I still use COMKAT?

Yes. When you use COMKAT Image Tool to load your image and get experimental data (such as from a ROI), before you return to COMKAT GUI it will prompt you to scale your data. As long as you make data unit consistent for the input, model and the output, COMKAT GUI will be able to simulate and estimate the model accurately.


Do I have to pay for COMKAT?

No non-commercial research use, COMKAT is free. If you want to use COMKAT for commercial purposes, please contact Raymond Muzic. Read more about license at Learn more...#License

Can I use COMKAT for clinical purposes?



Why should I use COMKAT?

Please refer to Learn more...#What makes COMKAT unique?


Which paper should I cite for COMKAT in my publication?

Please refer to Learn more...#Publication

Where can I find papers citing COMKAT?

Please refer to Learn more...#Publication


What environment was COMKAT developed upon?

In our group we use Matlab R2007a on a Windows-XP desktop PC. But we compile the mex files using Matlab 7 to ensure compatibilities.

Is there a CVS server for COMKAT?

Yes, we use CVS for version tracking.