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This is the tutorial for submitting bug reports.

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Submit bug report

Bug reported by Landon Locke Email:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 2)

MATLAB: MATLAB Version (R2008b)


Bug description: When I try to load in a PET image data set that is 4-byte integer using readASPIRo, the code works fine. If the PET data was reconstructed as 2-byte integer, then the code fails and the following error is display in Matlab:

??? Error using ==> reshape To RESHAPE the number of elements must not change.

Error in ==> readASIPro>readSegsFrames at 622

       fileData = reshape(fileData, [sz(1:3)] );

Error in ==> readASIPro>getPixelData at 508

           [data, segidx, subheader_out] = readSegsFrames(fid, sz, 'int16',
           frame, segment, delta, outputformat, subheader);

Error in ==> readASIPro at 391

           [data, si, sh_out] = getPixelData(fs_data, mh.data_type, sz, frame,
           segment, [], outputformat, sh);

Our PET data is 69 frames (23 frames for each of the three gates). For some reason, the FileData variable does not contain any data (0x0) once frame 36 is reached, but is fine up to this point. I have no idea what is wrong with frame 36.


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