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Download pages for software and data


Current COMKAT release

COMKAT R4.2a -> Download:COMKAT R4.2a (An alpha released Windows-only version. July 2017)
COMKAT R4.1b -> Download:COMKAT R4.1b (An beta version released in July 2017)
COMKAT R3.2 -> Download:COMKAT R3.2 (Released April 2009)

Previous COMKAT releases

COMKAT R3.1 -> Download:COMKAT R3.1
COMKAT R3 -> Download:COMKAT R3
COMKAT R2 -> Download:COMKAT R2
COMKAT 2004 version -> Download:COMKAT2004
COMKAT 2005 version -> Download:COMKAT2005

Image sets for testing purposes

NIFTI MRI Download:Test images:NIFTI MRI
Philips PET/CT Download:Test images:Philips PETCT
MicroPET rat image Download:Test images:microPET

User provided tools

Other tools or functions related to COMKAT from users -> Download:User provided tools (this page is allowed for users to upload)