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Not completely with tomatoes when rice, as long as JianXia at ordinary times of appetite 1/4 to 1/2, should be enough. Don’t lose weight because of jumping the gun, and affect the normal nutrition and physical strength, and even cause other problems produced, that is some the loss outweights the gain . fruta planta reduce weight is the best way for us to lose weight.

3. Green apples

Green apples contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and rich dietary fiber, especially the composition such as pectin, except with a general of the apple bushing yiqi, benefit stomach the spleen, such as effectiveness, studies have confirmed that every morning or evening on an empty stomach before sleep each had one fresh green apple, in addition to embellish aperient bowel outside, there is a certain to obesity prevention and cure effect. If you want to lose weight quickly then take fruta planta pill

Food method recommended:

Green apples porridge

Ingredients: 500 g green apple, 150 g glutinous rice or rice, salt and spices right amount. Practice: green apples wash cut into parts, ground up and tao net rice pan together add boiled, cooked flavor can.

4. Orange

Orange containing enzymes can effectively restrain the manufacturing of fat cells, plus contains reduce body fat food fiber, and easy to produce satiated move, so have effect reducing weight. the liquid inside the 2 day diet Japan Lingzhi is half transparent.

Food method recommended:

1. Will orange placed the frying pan dry fry (not put oil), until the orange skin slightly smoldering form.

2. Orange slightly cool again eat meat orange peel, remember to eat oranges to eat first.

3. Eat oranges, even the white QianWeiSi eat together into his stomach.

Orange contains rich fiber, one of the water-soluble fiber eat into his stomach, and to increase the volume of water when inflation, but let the stomach neural thought has eaten. If before eat oranges, more will reduce appetite, and reduce effect. all of the ingredients of fruta planta are extracts from natural plants.

5. Hawthorn

Modern medical proof, hawthorn, including folic acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, enzymes and proteins < carbohydrates, have fall blood pressure, promote gastrointestinal digestive function. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, hawthorn has the very good stops stomach cramps, peptic action, and hawthorn contain adipose decompose enzyme, favorable to reducing weight, can be complementary to secondary causes of obesity.